Excercise program specifically for cancer patients 

Leah from Phyxyou physiotherapy and rehabilitation has been working closely with fellow Physiotherapist Mel Turner and Jamie Marjoribanks, Associate Lecturer (Radiation Therapy), Uni of Newcastle’s Dept of Rural Health, to develop a program specifically for people diagnosed with cancer.
The Port Macquarie Exercise and Cancer program is the first cancer specific exercise program to be developed in our region to help local people with cancer cope with, and then recover from treatment.
Research has shown that exercise can improve sleep, strength and body image, elevate mood, enhance treatment outcomes, self-confidence and fitness, reduce fatigue and help to manage depression and anxiety in people with cancer.
With support from the Hastings Cancer Trust, phyxyou will soon be launching a pilot program and will be recruiting participants – patients currently receiving treatment for breast cancer, prostate cancer and colorectal cancer. It’s a huge jump forward in the management of cancer in our region and we Port Macquarie is once again leading the way in this area.

Excercise program specifically for cancer patients --