Hastings Cancer Trust supports retreat for local Breast and Gynaecological cancer patients.

Jani Kilmurray, Cancer & Palliative Care Development manager MNCLHD/MNCC said “I would like to sincerely thank the Hastings Cancer Trust for the very generous Grant for supporting 12 local women survivors of Breast and Gynaecological cancer and allowing them to attend a 3 days retreat of empowerment, support and facilitation of personal strengths for their ongoing life challenges in surviving Breast & Gynaecological cancer. The post retreat testimonials the women made to the group conducting the retreat (Life force”) were very uplifting – and to see how much it made a difference in their lives is indeed most rewarding. Thank you again Hastings Cancer Trust and the many donors who continue to make this work possible.”

Testimonial 1
I wanted to thank the Life Force Cancer Foundation for organising and facilitating and of course financing, the beautiful three day retreat held at The Francis Retreat, Bonny Hills. As part of the group of 12 ladies that were so lovingly looked after, I'm a Breast Cancer Survivor. This retreat was so full filling that I'm finding my words are not enough to describe the joy I felt during my stay. Everything from meals, accommodation, massages, art therapy, Qi Gong, Yoga, and Nature meditations were included in the pampering pack. But more than that the retreat facilitators were with us totally and wholly from the moment I arrived to the moment I got picked up 3 days later. It was so peaceful and restful being with everyone, trying out new practices like art therapy and Qi Gong, sharing our past experience with cancer and being allowed to be just me. And lastly to all the very generous people who donate time and money to the Foundation, 

Testimonial 2

I say Thank You Very Much, this retreat has changed my life.I attended the Life Force Cancer Foundation, November 2018 Retreat at Francis Retreat Centre, Bonny Hills, NSW. The experience was so relaxing and beautifully restorative. To be amongst a wonderful group of women on the same journey, with kind and informative 'guides' was a much needed respite from the pressures and demands of the outside world. 2 & 1/2 days of Yoga, Beach Walks, Massage, Qi Jong, Relaxation, Art Therapy, Nature Meditation, Excellent Conversation, Great Food, Sleep and Laughter was just what I needed. Thanks so much to Life Force for making it possible, as well as the organizers, retreat leaders and attendees. I now have a new local network of women treading the same path, who share this memory with me, to reach out to. That is gold!

Hastings Cancer Trust supports retreat for local Breast and Gynaecological cancer patients.--