Ocean Club Resort Lake Cathie Musical Fundraiser

Putting the FUN in Fundraising. Thanks to the combined efforts of the residents and management at Ocean Club Resort Lake Cathie, the OCR Music Team over 4 nights raised $1300 for the Charity. All of which will go to enhancing the lives of cancer patients and their carers in the Hastings Macleay Region. Fantastic result and big thank you to the Team. 

Photo: Terry Feltham, Hazel Kirby HCT, Bev Feltham, Brian Cady, Steve Thomas HCT, Sean Tieck (Owner OCR), John Gilmour (Owner OCR), Karen Twigg (OCR Manager) and Kathy Cady.
Not in photo: Lisa Ansell (OCR Management Staff) and Ray Cooper

Ocean Club Resort Lake Cathie Musical Fundraiser--